Athletic Socios Emphasize Wages, Lezama, Philosophy, And Grada De Animación In Meetings With Club Officials

bazkideen hitza Socios

Bazkideen Hitza has given Socios the opportunity to share ideas with the club (AC)

Throughout his Presidential campaign, Aitor Elizegi put a heavy emphasis on the voice of the people. The famous chef made it clear that he believed the Socios should have an even stronger voice in the decision-making and direction of the club. Since taking office Elizegi has created ways for Socios to share their opinions with those at the club, most notably Bazkideen Hitza which are special conferences where the members can share their thoughts directly with the President and other members of the Board.

So far seven of these conferences have taken place. On Thursday the club announced that they have put together a compilation of the information which is being sent to all Socios before eventually being made public.

“The club, as committed, has sent the participants a final report with a summary of the contributions classified into three main areas: sports, social, and institutional”, the announcement read. “The first team, Lezama, and the need to create a Grada de Animación have been the three main themes referred to by Socios with more emphasis and suggestions given.”

In regards to the first team, many Socios have posited the idea of structuring player wages around meeting specified sporting goals such as qualifying for Europe, scoring goals, or a number of matches played. This idea has already been discussed in regards to the potential renewals of Yeray and Unai Nuñez.

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi championed the idea of the Grada de Animación (AC)

The Athletic philosophy was also a topic of conversation with the vast majority of Socios telling the club that it shouldn’t be touched. A select few did have other ideas such as opening the philosophy to include Basques born abroad, the children of Socios, or potentially opening academies around the world. Sources say that these were only ideas shared and that the Board has no plans to alter the current philosophy.

As expected, the Grada de Animación was the other major point of emphasis. President Elizegi championed the goal of introducing the Grada if he won the election and fans are excited for the project to begin. As of now, the club hasn’t given any information as far as a timeline but it is one of the Board’s top priorities. The club will soon be sending out a detailed report of the Bazkideen Hitza and will continue meeting with Socios to give the members and even stronger voice.

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