7 Juvenil A Players Promoted To CD Basconia

Juvenil A

7 Juvenil A players have been promoted to CD Basconia (Zabaleta)

The new era of Lezama has officially begun. Joseba Etxeberria and Patxi Salinas have been hired as the new managers of Bilbao Athletic and CD Basconia respectively, with both well aware that they will be preparing the next generation of Athletic players. As is usually the case, several players will be promoted this summer and will take the next step in hopes of reaching the first team.

Last month the club announced that nine players have been officially promoted from CD Basconia to Bilbao Athletic. Several of them will compete for starting roles, but they must also be replaced in their former team. Since then, it’s been confirmed by La Cantera de Lezama that seven players from Juvenil A have been promoted to CD Basconia.

Goalkeeper Julen Agirrezabala, defender Ander Lorente, midfielders Unai Naveira and Jon Guruzeta, and forwards Marco Diliberto, Alejandro Ibarrondo, and Josu Juste will all play for Basconia next season. In addition, Basconia have also signed Leioa Juvenil goalkeeper Gorka Campo who will compete for the starting role.

Basconia’s relationship with Athletic has brought great success over the years. Acting as the club’s third team, behind Bilbao Athletic, Basconia has given Lezama graduates the chance to gradually step into the world of professional football. This summer will see the partnership grow even more. Athletic has offered a number of Juvenil players the chance to join Basconia’s Juvenil team instead of having to leave Lezama altogether. This will allow the players to remain linked to Athletic and continue working to achieve their dream of reaching the first team.

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