Lezama Coaches Joxean Alvarez And Joseba Bikandi Leave Athletic Club

Joxean Alvarez Joseba Bikandi

Joxean Alvarez and Joseba Bikandi will not continue at Lezama next season (AC)

Athletic Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta has had the luxury of studying the state of Lezama since the December election. The former club legend has spent the last two years working on his vision for the academy and has been open about the fact that he wouldn’t introduce any changes until he took the time to analyze everything. Now that the season is over the time has come for reform.

The first wave of changes came a few weeks ago when the club announced that Aritz Solabarrieta, Iban Fuentes, and Ander Breda would not continue in their coaching role. All three have left Lezama and other coaches will take their places. It’s already been confirmed that Joseba Etxeberria will take over as the manager of Bilbao Athletic, though the club has yet to reveal who will oversee CD Basconia and the Juvenil B team.

More changes have been expected and two additional departures were confirmed on Friday when Athletic announced that Joxean Alvarez and Joseba Bikandi will be leaving the club. Alvarez managed the Infantil C team last year while Bikandi coached the Alevín A squad. Their replacements have yet to be announced. Athletic thanked both coaches for their hard work and commitment and wished them well in their future endeavors.

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