Athletic Will Open Ibaigane To Other Clubs In Bizkaia


Ibaigane currently serves as the Athletic Club headquarters (MD)

Aitor Elizegi championed several causes during his campaign last year. From introducing a Grada de Animación to promoting Women’s football the new President quickly build support. One topic that he pushed was moving the club’s offices from Ibaigane to San Mamés which is what most clubs do today. That project is already underway, but many have questioned what will happen to Ibaigane after the move.

It’s already clear that the club will continue to use Ibaigane in various capacities. Apart from that, questions have been raised over whether or not Athletic will open Ibaigane to other clubs from Bizkaia. This idea was finally confirmed by Athletic Foundation President Juan Carlos Ercoreca after welcoming Lointek to the historic building.

“We had already done something with less impact than Lointek. We see it in a natural way. It’s clear that we have an area of partnered clubs and they also call us to participate in other activities. When we were told about the possibility of Lointek coming here it seemed perfect and the sponsor is integrated into our Foundation. These initiatives were already being done, but we are going to promote it much more. Youth and Women participate in many sports activities so we don’t have to close it to only football, although that is the main thing.”

Ercoreca went on to praise the Foundation’s influence on the community and explain that they aren’t looking for any form of compensation. The club will continue to look for ways to utilize the Foundation in the Bizkaian society.

“The Athletic Foundation is the benchmark for sport in Bizkaia and we want to take advantage of that role. We want to return to society everything that the club receives. We don’t seek economic compensation nor protagonism. The only thing we want is that the Foundation’s banner is displayed and our projects can be shown such as a time to show our three-minute video.”

Ibaigane has long been a symbol of Athletic and the Basque culture. Even though the club will be moving their official offices, Ibaigane will continue to be used by the Zurigorri and shared with others in Bizkaia. Athletic has played a major role in the growth of many other clubs and organizations in the area and opening Ibaigane to others reaffirms that commitment to the community.

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