Carlos Gurpegui “Athletic Is The Club Of My Life”

Carlos Gurpegui

Carlos Gurpegui currently serves as an Athletic Club ambassador (AS)

Carlos Gurpegui may have retired from football three years ago but he’s remained very close to Athletic. The 38-year-old currently serves as an ambassador for the club and was recently featured on La Liga’s “El Club De Me Vida”. Gurpegui reflected on what it meant to serve as the captain of Athletic and his pride in having represented the club in over 300 matches.

“I was lucky to be the last captain at the old San Mamés and to be the first captain of this new stadium. The Cathedral is a spectacular stadium and a source of pride. The nights when it’s full, when there’s really that atmosphere of Athletic, it’s amazing. When the team gives the people what they want to see it’s a joy to see how the fans create the noise. I am faithful and proud to represent Athletic and the fans are always supportive.”

Athletic is a very unique club in today’s world of football. Gurpegui took the time to praise the special philosophy and revealed that his greatest dream is to see Athletic win another title after he helped lift the 2015 Spanish Super Cup.

“Athletic is a unique club because of its way of understanding football and its philosophy. It’s something to be very proud of: where we are from, how we fight, and above all that we hope in this way of understanding football and this philosophy that will last another 120 years of history. My greatest desire for Athletic is to be able to win a title again and for these players to live the same experience like those from 1983 and 1984 when the barge was brought out.”

Susaeta Celebrate

Current captain Markel Susaeta will leave the club this summer (AC)

When Gurpegui retired, Markel Susaeta was the one to step up as the new captain. This summer Susaeta will also be moving on. Both served the club well and Gurpegui took the time to explain why, to him, Susaeta is the essence of the Athletic identity.

“I said agur three years ago and now it’s Markel Susaeta’s turn. The one who represents the essence of what Athletic is, to me, is the captain, Susaeta. He came here at nine years old, played in all of Athletic’s youth levels, and is among the five players who have more than 500 appearances. He’s the essence of what this club is.”

Gurpegui may not be playing anymore, but Athletic still means everything to him. “Athletic is the club of my life”, he told La Liga. “My best memory as an Athletic player was the love of my teammates on the day of my farewell and winning the Super Cup after the club had not won a title for so many years.”

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