Athletic Named The 25th Most Valuable Club In European Football


Athletic are Europe’s 25th most valuable football club (AC)

Money makes the world go round and that is especially true when it comes to European football. Even for a club like Athletic where the focus is youth development and staying true to grassroots football, money is needed to operate effectively. Every club must balance wages, income, transfers, and many other factors to be successful. It isn’t easy, but Athletic are one of the best.

Every year the auditing firm KPMG analyzes the clubs across Europe to produce what they call The European Elite. This list breaks down the 32 most valuable clubs based on many criteria such as profitability, television revenue, sporting potential, stadium value, popularity, and marketing. Earlier this week the list for 2019 was released and Athletic Club were once again included for the third consecutive year.

The analysis found that Athletic enjoyed 1% growth over the past year and are now the 25th most valuable club in Europe at €336 million. Last year the Lions were ranked 24th on the list but have fallen one spot to Sevilla who boasted 11% growth. Continuing on the KPMG list for a third straight year, after not competing in Europe, is truly a remarkable feat for the Zurigorri.

Athletic are the 5th-most valuable club in Spain behind Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, and Sevilla. Villarreal are next on the list coming in at 31st while Valencia fell out of the rankings altogether. With one of the best stadiums in Europe, impressive financial stability, and a very strong squad Athletic have everything needed for continued success in years to come.

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