9 CD Basconia Players Promoted To Bilbao Athletic

Basconia Lezama

9 players have been promoted to Bilbao Athletic (AC)

Every year the dream of playing for Athletic gets one step closer for many young footballers throughout Lezama. Some will be promoted from one youth team to the next while others will finally become professionals as they move to CD Basconia. A select few will actually make the climb to Bilbao Athletic where they will have the chance to prove they can have a future at San Mamés.

On Monday the club officially announced that nine footballers from Basconia have been promoted to Bilbao Athletic: goalkeeper Ander Iru; defenders Álvaro Núñez, Julen Bernaola, Aitor Paredes and Imanol García de Albéniz; midfielders Oier Zarraga and Beñat Prados; and forwards Juan Artola and Ewan Urain.

Bilbao Athletic will look very different next year, which is always the case. Not only will Joseba Etxeberria be taking over as the manager, a few players will be leaving while these 9 will join the squad. The goal will once again be competing for the promotional playoffs, but ultimately preparing young players to take the next step in their careers.

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