Bilbao Athletic Set To Sign Burgos Left-Back Antxon Jaso

Antxon Jaso

Antxon Jaso in action against Bilbao Athletic (Zabaleta)

Preparations for next season are already underway. The Athletic first team will be looking to strengthen the squad in hopes of making another run at European qualification, but they aren’t the only ones who will add talent. With Joseba Etxeberria set to take over as the new manager of Bilbao Athletic, the reserve team will also welcome some new faces this summer.

According to a report from La Cantera de Lezamathe first signing is nearly complete. Bilbao Athletic will sign Burgos left-back Antxon Jaso and the agreement should be officially announced soon. Jaso, 22, is a defender who began his career as a left center-back but was transitioned to a true left-back while at Burgos. Being able to play both positions will give Bilbao Athletic a lot of versatility in the squad.

It will be interesting to see what role Jaso will have in the team this season. Starting left-back Jon Rojo recently signed a one-year renewal with the club, but the future of Odei Arrieta is uncertain at the moment. There will definitely be room to add even more players are the summer progresses and it shouldn’t be long until the club announces those who will be promoted from CD Basconia.

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