Athletic Club Will Start Preseason Training On 4 July

Training Garitano

Gaizka Garitano will oversee his first preseason training at Athletic (AS)

Last season didn’t end the way Athletic had hoped. The Lions were able to escape relegation, but failing to qualify for Europe was a massive disappointment. Now the team will have the summer to recover and regroup before chasing a top 7 finish again next year. The break will be good for the players but it won’t last long.

The club has announced that preseason training will officially begin on Thursday 4 July at 6:00pm at Lezama. Friday will consist of two sessions while the following day one only session will take place in the morning. During this time the players will also be going through medical evaluations. Over the past few years, Athletic have also traveled outside the country to train and play friendlies. It’s very likely that will happen again this summer, but as of now there is no word on when or what countries are being considered.

In total, Gaizka Garitano will have a squad of 33 players including 6 from Bilbao Athletic – Iñigo Vicente, Gaizka Larrazabal, Asier Villalibre, Oihan Sancet, Hodei Oleaga, and Dani Vivian. Three players could also be forced to start the preseason later than the rest of the team as Unai Nuñez and Unai Simón will be on international duty with Spain U21 and Sancet is expected to be called up to Spain U19.

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