The Lezama Coaching Staff Begins To Take Shape

Joseba Etxeberria

Joseba Etxeberria will be the new manager of Bilbao Athletic (AC)

When it comes to Athletic, the most important aspect of the entire club is Lezama. The youth academy is the pillar on which the entire club is built and that will never change. For decades Athletic’s ability to develop local talent has been one of the driving forces behind the team’s success, but there is always room for improvement. Rafa Alkorta has been working on a master plan for the past two years and changes will come this summer.

The coaching staff at Lezama has been analyzed closely by Alkorta since he became the Sporting Director following the December election. It’s been Alkorta’s goal to bring in more coaches who have gone through the system and that goal is already in the works. The club recently announced that Aritz Solabarrieta, Iban Fuentes, and Ander Breda would be leaving Lezama this summer and the new coaching staff is already starting to take shape.

Nothing has been made official at this point, but Joseba Etxeberria will be the new manager of Bilbao Athletic. The club legend coached CD Basconia just two years ago before leaving for Amorebieta and then guiding Tenerife to promotion. It’s no secret that Etxeberria dreams of coaching the first team at some point and he’s seen as the perfect candidate to prepare the next generation at Bilbao Athletic.

Gorka Bidaurrazaga is the club’s top choice to take over as the manager of CD Basconia due to his history with Athletic and familiarity with the Tercera. The current Deusto coach also has a proven track record of developing young talent. Bidaurrazaga formerly coached the Athletic Juvenil B team before being dismissed in 2015. Patxi Salinas is another candidate that is being considered for the role.

Imanol de la Sota could also be set to return to Lezama after leaving the academy two years ago. If all goes according to plan, de la Sota would be named as the new manager of the Athletic Juvenil A team which he led to a league title back in 2016. Current Cadete A coach Joan Solaun would then be promoted to lead the Juvenil B team where he would be able to continue working with many of the same players. Ander Alaña would also be promoted, moving from the Cadete B team to coach Cadete A, while Andoni Galiano would leave the Juvenil A team to manage Cadete B.

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