Rafa Alkorta And Aitor Elizegi Not Surprised By Interest In Yeray

Yeray Martinez

Yeray was one of the best defenders in La Liga last season (MD)

Yeray was one of the best center-backs in La Liga last season and his fine form didn’t go unnoticed. A recent report suggests that Atlético Madrid would be willing to pay the defender’s €30 million release clause, but Yeray is currently in renewal talks with Athletic. When asked about the topic on Wednesday, President Aitor Elizegi said it’s a positive thing because it shows the quality at San Mamés.

“It’s a good sign that Athletic players, in this case Yeray, are in the crosshairs of other clubs. It means that our model continues to operate well. There is quality coming from Lezama and in the team. There are clubs that are working on their squads and it’s good that they have players on their agenda from our team. These are things for when the season ends.”

Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta also admitted that he isn’t surprised by the rumor at all. He expects even more clubs to be interested in Yeray after the impressive season from the 24-year-old and said the same thing about Unai Nuñez.

“Yeray has a contract and at the moment we don’t have any problems. I am not surprised that Atlético Madrid are interested and there could be more teams because the level Yeray has given is fantastic. It’s no wonder there are rumors, it’s normal at the end of the season. We hope that he stays here and Nuñez as well. I give him that same value. He also has a contract and a clause and at the moment he’s an Athletic player.”

Both Yeray and Nuñez have been in renewal talks for a few weeks now with sources saying that talks have been very positive. Yeray has often been outspoken about his desire to continue at Athletic and that commitment will surely be put to the test this summer. If a renewal is signed, Yeray’s release clause will significantly increase as would his wages to reflect his role in the team.

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