Gorka Guruzeta And Dani Vivian Injured In Bilbao Athletic’s 2-0 Loss To Sporting

Gorka Guruzeta Lezama

Gorka Guruzeta suffered a knee injury against Sporting (Zabaleta)

Sunday wasn’t a good day for Bilbao Athletic. The Katxorros hosted Sporting at Lezama where they surrendered two goals in the second half to lose 2-0 and end their chances of qualifying for the promotional playoffs. The result alone was bad enough, but two players also suffered injuries, one of which could be extremely serious.

In the 23rd minute, Gorka Guruzeta’s right knee collided with a defender. The forward went down but got right back up and continued playing. One minute later he challenged for a ball in the air and when he landed he immediately grabbed his knee again in obvious pain. This time the medical staff rushed out once play had stopped and could be seen performing an ACL test. Guruzeta was able to leave the field without any help but there is concern that he has suffered a serious knee injury.

Another injury would follow in the second half when Dani Vivian went down in the 58th minute and also required medical attention. It looked as though the Doctors were resetting the defenders left should and it was confirmed after the game that he had suffered a dislocation. Vivian was forced to leave the match but will begin recovery quickly in hopes of being back on the field as soon as possible.

With two of Bilbao Athletic’s most important players now off the pitch, Sporting were able to control the game. Pedro Díaz scored the opening goal in the 66th minute and Morilla added a second just three minutes later. The loss put the Katxorros 8 points off of 4th place with just three matches left to be played. Bilbao Athletic will travel to Calahorra on Monday.

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