Alex Remiro Will Sign With Real Sociedad When His Contract Expires In June

Alex Remiro Training

Alex Remiro will play for Real Sociedad next season (AC)

The writing has been on the wall all season. After rejecting a renewal offer from Athletic, Alex Remiro made it clear that he wanted to leave his boyhood club. He felt disrespected by the club’s offer and refused to even negotiate with former President Josu Urrutia. Aitor Elizegi wasn’t able to convince the Lezama product to reconsider and Remiro has been counting the days until his contract expires on 30 June.

While Remiro’s agent has constantly said that the 24-year-old would wait to decide his future until the season ended, there’s been a poorly kept secret for months that he would sign with rivals Real Sociedad. The goalkeeper has also received offers from Barcelona, Monaco, Villarreal, Huesca, and Girona but his mind is made up. According to a report from Iñaki Izquierdo of El CorreoRemiro has given his agent the green light to finalize a contract with Real Sociedad.

The new Athletic Board’s offer to Remiro was for five years and included a release clause that started at €60 million and ended at €80 million. His wages would also begin at €1 million, increasing to €2 million over the following years. Meanwhile, La Real have proposed a four-year contract with a clause somewhere between €30-€40 million. The projected wages are unknown at this point.

La Real are said to have opened contacts with Remiro on 1 January, the first day that clubs are allowed to contact players on expiring contracts. They have shown a lot of interest in bringing the goalkeeper to Anoeta and wanted to do so in a respectful way. Relations between Athletic and Real Sociedad have improved since Elizegi was voted in as President and Real’s Jokin Aperribay didn’t want to disturb that progress.

Unless something changes Alex Remiro will be a Real Sociedad player next season. The situation did not go the way Athletic had hoped, but the Lions will be glad to see the drama put to an end when Remiro’s contract expires and he officially moves on. For now, there is only one focus in Bilbao and that’s qualifying for Europe.

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