Iago Herrerín “Sometimes I Take More Risks Than I Should, But That’s My Way Of Playing”

Iago Herrerin

Iago Herrerín is enjoying life as the starting goalkeeper at Athletic (LaLiga)

It’s taken Iago Herrerín several years to become the starting goalkeeper at Athletic, but he’s really enjoying it now. In a recent interview with AS the 31-year-old admitted that he’s in the best moment of his career. He had to leave more than once to prove himself, though that was just part of the journey to get here.

“I’m in my best moment. I’ve got good sensations and the truth is that I’m comfortable. A lot of things have happened and football is a long distance race. It’s taken a lot for me to get here, but I like that it’s finally happened. Yes, we talked with the club about a move in the past. I wish I stayed for 100 years at Athletic, but the objective at the time was playing and Kepa was the goalkeeper for the National Team.”

Today Unai Simón is the one sitting behind the starter and waiting for his chances to prove himself. Herrerín explained that he tries to help the 21-year-old as much as possible and help him remember to make the most of his opportunities.

“I really like Simón’s character, his way of being. He is a very grateful person. He’s in the same situation that I was. It’s not easy and I try to support him and tell him that this road takes many turns. Everyone has their own decisions to make and this is the decision that Alex has made. It’s not easy having a blank season. He’s a person with a lot of character who would like to play. Any of the three of us would do very well and he trains like an animal.”

Iago Herrerín knows that he is a bit unorthodox. “Sometimes I take more risks than I should, but that’s my way of playing”, he stated. Still, he’s been one of the best goalkeepers in La Liga this season and believes that the Lions can finish in the top six. “Qualifying for the Champions League is complicated. We have 18 points left to play for and if we are perfect we will be in the Europa League. We’re ambitious.”