Athletic Club Announce Youth Tournaments For April And May

Cadete A Lezama Celebrate

Athletic’s Cadete A team celebrate a goal at Lezama (Zabaleta)

The months of April and May present many youth academies with chances to participate in special tournaments across the country. Athletic Club are always looking for ways to give their young players more opportunities to compete against other top teams and frequently accept as many invitations as possible. On Tuesday the club officially announced the tournaments that they will attend:

Athletic Juvenil A – Torneo Oviodeo Cup 2019, 18-21 April
Athletic Juvenil B – Toreno MIC Football 2019, 16-21 April
Athletic Cadete A – Torneo Oviedo Cup 2019, 18-21 April; Torneo de Falces, 1 May
Athletic Cadete B – Torneo Cuidad de Irún, 20-21 April; Torneo Ermua, 27 April
Athletic Infantil A – Torneo Saint Kevin’s Cup, 18-22 April; Torneo Dani Gueñes Trophy, 27-28 April
Athletic Infantil B – Toreno East Mallorca Cup, 17-21 April
Athletic Infantil C – Torneo Oviedo Cup 2019, 18-21 April
Athletic Alevín A – Torneo Iribar Cup, 19 April; Torneo Lemoako Harrobi, 27 April
Athletic Alevín B – Torneo MIC Football 2019, 16-21 April; Torneo 7 Provincias, 1 May
Athletic Alevín C – Torneo Basauriko Udala, 27 April
Athletic Alevín D – Torneo Arratia, 27 April
Athletic Alevín E – Torneo Memorial Txispi, 27 April
Athletic Alevín C-E will also be participating as two teams in the Torneo SD Indautxu

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