Aitor Elizegi “Aduriz And Lezama Always Sounds Good To Me”

Alkorta Garitano Elizegi

Rafa Alkorta, Gaizka Garitano, and Aitor Elizegi (AC)

Things have gone well for Aitor Elizegi who has now served as the President of Athletic Club for over 100 days. The first team has climbed out of the relegation zone and into the battle for European qualification, while fans also feel more connected to the club than ever before. During a recent interview with Euskal Telebista, Elizegi took the time to thank the coaching staff for their hard work and dedication to success.

“I want to congratulate those who have had the ball between their feet, those who have led the team, because they have given us a message of stability, of knowing how to be. In January they put the team on their backs and we must recognize that during these 100 days they have done their job well.”

Not much has changed since December’s Presidential elections, but the real alterations will come in the summer. At the same time, manager Gaizka Garitano and Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta will have a few big decisions to make regarding the squad.

“We have very important futures to decide. There are captains who deserve direct treatment. We have Rico, Iturraspe, and those returning from loan. There are many players who need to know their futures. Gaizka and Rafa are working on those kinds of scenarios, whether Athletic will be in two or three competitions.”

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi believes Aritz Aduriz would be a great addition to Lezama (AC)

The future of Aritz Aduriz is still unknown at this point. The striker has admitted that he would like to play again next season, but only if he feels that he can contribute to the team. If the 38-year-old does decide to retire, Elizegi believes he will immediately have a place at Lezama.

“Aritz and Lezma, Aduriz and Lezama, always sounds good to me. Now, and in the future, I hope that the two names are together for many years. It would be a good sign. He could be a master for future forwards. I know that a few clubs have looked at Iñaki Williams but he has declared that, of course, he is very comfortable here. He’s happy defending this shirt.”

In closing, the President was once again asked about the club’s interest in former players such as Fernando Llorente, Javi Martinez, and Ander Herrera. “The players who are away from the club at the moment should be important?”, he responded. “They should be considered as part of the Athletic project, not only on a sporting level but also a personal one. I don’t care about where, when, or how they left the club.” It will be up to Garitano and Alkorta to decide which players to add to the team this summer and Aitor Elizegi wants the very best possible.

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