Peru Nolaskoain Makes The Cut For The Fútbol Draft Final 55

Peru Nolaskoain

Peru Nolaskoain made the Fútbol Draft final 55 (AC)

And then there was one. Back in February, the Fútbol Draft released the initial list of the top 132 youth players in Spain which included 7 starlets from Lezama. Iñigo Vicente, Jon Sillero, Asier Córdoba, and Unai Vencedor didn’t survive the first round of cuts which saw Peru Nolaskoain, Victor San Bartolomé, and Aitor Paredes in the list of 77. The Committee has now announced the latest list with only one Athletic player left.

Peru Nolaskoain was included in the list of 55 which contains 5 players at each position. The 20-year-old is listed as a left-center back along with Pepe Castaño (Villarreal), Jorge Cuenca (FC Barcelona), Fran Montero (Atlético de Madrid) and Mujaid Sadick (Deportivo). The next step for the Fútbol Draft Committee will be deciding on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze XI.

Nolaskoain made his debut in the opening game of the season and scored his first goal in the same match. Since then the Lezama product has featured in 10 games, scoring twice, and has also split time with Bilbao Athletic as both a midfielder and a center-back.

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