Athletic Use International Break To Perform Routine Medical Evaluations

Raul Garcia Herrerin Ibai Gomes Training

Routine medical evaluations were performed on Tuesday (EC)

The international break might not be much fun for fans, but it is an important time for clubs. Not only does it provide coaches time away from matches to refocus the squad, but it also allows players who are dealing with injuries the chance to reintegrate into the team if possible. For Athletic both of these situations are true and on Tuesday the Lions were also able to check on the health of the players.

Instead of having a normal training session at Lezama, the team underwent routine medical tests. The squad spent a lot of time in the Pavillon and Gym where they were put through exercises while Doctors Joxean Lekue and Paco Angulo also took blood samples from the players for analysis. Different players came out onto the field for running drills at various times.

While outside the players were put through a demanding exercise where they had to run through a part of the field sectioned off by cones. This allowed the staff to measure cardiovascular resistance, consumption of oxygen, as well as aerobic capacity. It wasn’t an exciting day to visit the training session as it was also raining, but a few fans did show up to cheer on the team.

Not everyone was present for the medical tests. The international players are currently away on duty, but Yeray was also absent. Iago Herrerín and Alex Remiro were the only ones to touch a ball on Tuesday, ending the session with a few drills led by goalkeeping coach Aitor Iru. The team will be back in training on Wednesday and Thursday before having Friday and Saturday off. On Sunday the players will report back to Lezama where Gaizka Garitano will begin preparing for the upcoming game against Girona.

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