Aritz Solabarrieta “The Point We Earned Has A Lot Of Value”

Aritz Solabarrieta

Bilbao Athletic got their first positive result on the road under Solabarrieta (MD)

Bilbao Athletic had yet to get a positive result on the road under Aritz Solabarrieta until Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Mirandés. It may have taken until stoppage time for Asier Villalibre to find the equalizer, but it was still a strong showing form the Katxorros. After the game, the manager was full of praise for his team.

“I saw two good teams on the field. Mirandés are in the top four and we aspire to be there as well. Mirandés are quick and play well in space. Until their goal they were the superior team, then afterward it was us. I saw a Bilbao Athletic who wanted the ball, who wanted to be the protagonist and defended well. This match was a good test for the two center-backs. We scored a goal in the end, but we also had chances to do it earlier in the game.”

Having conceded late goals in their last two road games, Solabarrieta said it felt good to be on the other end of things Sunday. The players put in hard work and earned a very important point.

“After the last two games away from home, where our opponents scored at the end of the game, it feels good for us to do it. It’s a reward for the players for the effort they put in. My team played a very good match against a very good opponent. The point we earned has a lot of value.”

Asier Villalibre

Asier Villalibre scored the equalizer in stoppage time against Mirandés (MD)

Solabarrieta’s team was also strengthened on Sunday with Gorka Guruzeta and Peru Nolaskoain both in the starting lineup. The manager admitted that it was great to have the pair available and that he was also proud of the other players who stepped up against a difficult opponent.

“Gaizka is the one who makes these decisions and we are delighted that Peru and Guru could play with us. It’s always good to have other options at forward along with Asier Villalibre, then Asier Benito came on in the second half and gave us even more. We have 10 games left and we won’t throw in the towel. We are going to fight until the end and we will see where we finish. No one here is giving up.”

Bilbao Athletic ended the weekend 9 points off of the top four and their goal of qualifying for the promotional playoff. The draw against Mirandés over the weekend will surely give the team confidence moving forward as they are set to host Arenas Club at Lezama on Sunday.

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