3 Lezama Stars Advance To The Final 77 Of The Fútbol Draft Top Young Players List

Unai Lopez Peru Nolaskoain Celebrate

Peru Nolaskoain celebrates his first La Liga goal on his debut (MD)

The Fútbol Draft has been recognizing the top youth players in Spain since its inception back in 2006. Every year a committee of Spanish National Team youth coaches and academy experts meet to form an initial list of 132 players which is then trimmed to 77, then to 55, then to a Golden XI, Silver XI, and Bronze XI. Last month 7 Lezama starlets were included in the list of 132 players and on Thursday 3 survived as the list was narrowed down to 77.

Peru Nolaskoain, Victor San Bartolomé, and Aitor Paredes were all included in the list of 77 after the first round of cuts. Iñigo Vicente, Jon Sillero, Asier Córdoba, and Unai Vencedor were left out.

It’s important to note that the goal of the Fútbol Draft is to create three lineups of the best youth players in Spain, which means that players are graded by their specific positions. For instance, Vicente is widely recognized as the best young player at Lezama, but he was graded against others in his position which is why he was left out and others from the academy were able to advance to the next round. It’s also important to point out that last year Iñigo Córdoba and Unai Simón were named in the Best XI of the season.

The next round of cuts will trim the list to 55 players and afterwards the Golden XI, Silver XI, and Bronze XI decisions will follow. There is also a special part added to this round. Fans will be able to vote for their favorite youth players on the Fútbol Draft official website which will then recognize those with the most votes with a separate award.

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