Aritz Aduriz Could Return To Training Around The March International Break

Aritz Aduriz Training Guruzeta

Aritz Aduriz could return to training in the middle of March (AS)

It’s been nearly 2 months since Aritz Aduriz was sidelined with a knee injury. At first his collision with Sevilla’s Amadou in early January was diagnosed as a sprain, but further tests revealed that there was more serious ligament damage. At the end of the month a new examination found that the striker would need to miss a further 4-5 weeks out of precaution.

It’s now been four weeks since the last medical update and Aduriz still hasn’t returned to training. He’s been regularly working with trainer Xabier Clemente apart from the team and his recovery is going well. Just recently the 38-year-old was able to start doing work with the ball at his feet as well as drills that require running and changing direction to test how his knee responds.

At one point there was fear that Aduriz would miss the rest of the season, but that no longer looks to be the case. The striker has made it his goal to return to the field before the campaign ends. However, readapting to the team will take longer than normal for Aduriz, especially considering the fact that the decision was made to pursue a more natural recovery instead of having surgery.

The big question at this point is when will Aduriz be able to rejoin his teammates in training and start working towards a return. He’s already been ruled out for Sunday’s match against Valencia and the following game against Espanyol. Playing against Atlético Madrid also looks very doubtful. If his recovery continues to go well the belief is that Aduriz will be back in training in the middle of March, which also happens to be an international break.

Having the two-week long international break to get back into the regular rhythm of football could be the best thing for Aduriz. He would have the opportunity to be reincorporated into the team without the pressure of any upcoming games and Gaizka Garitano could start planning for how to best utilize the striker. There is optimism that Aritz Aduriz will be available to play again once the international break is over, but it will all come down to how his recovery goes over the next few weeks.

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