Aitor Elizegi Trusts Rafa Alkorta And Gaizka Garitano To Lead Athletic Into The Future

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi and Rafa Alkorta together on election day (AC)

Athletic hasn’t really changed much since Aitor Elizegi was voted in as President in December, but that was expected. Taking over in the middle of the season really prevents a new Board from altering the status quo. That being said, Elizegi has a lot of ideas and plans that will start to be incorporated after the season ends. In the meantime, there are a few players on expiring contracts and the President told Radio Marca that he hopes to see them addressed quickly.

“Renewals must be finalized as soon as possible. This summer these four people -Ayarza, Alkorta, Garitano, and Ferreira – can set a special path for all of us that we can enjoy. We know that they will be concentrated on the many games that are still to be played and it’s very important to make decisions before 15 May. I trust that those decisions will be made between Rafa and the current coaching staff.”

Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta and Technical Secretary Andoni Ayarza have been working very closely with manager Gaizka Garitano and his right hand man Patxi Ferreira. The four have been putting together the plans for this summer and next season, while also being careful not to take the focus off of the present campaign. Garitano is also in need of a new contract although he isn’t concerned about that right now.

“I think I agree with Rafa on many things about what may be important for Lezama”, Elizegi then stated. The two have become close since partnering together in the Presidential election. Alkorta and Ayarza have been working together on their vision for Lezama for a few years now and have spent the last few months analyzing the current state of the academy. Their goal is to make Lezama the best youth academy in football and they will start putting some of their plans into action this summer.

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