Basque Parliament Approves Motion For The San Mamés To Host A European Club Cup Final

San Mames

The San Mamés will be a host stadium for EURO 2020 (AC)

Since its construction in 2013 the San Mamés has quickly become one of the most impressive and admired stadiums in all of Europe. The Cathedral is visited regularly by planners looking to learn from the design and it’s even hosted the European Rugby Finals. San Mamés will also be a host site for EURO 2020, but there is hope to do even more.

On Wednesday the Basque Parliament approved a motion to push for an official request for the San Mamés to host a final of a European tournament, such as the Europa League or Champions League. Parliament is now urging the regional government to move forward with the request. Meanwhile, the Chamber has also proposed that this request be taken to the Board of Directors who oversee the stadium.

There is a lot of potential for the San Mamés to host large events which would also bring added commerce and recognition to the city of Bilbao, and the region of Bizkaia. Parliament is urging the Basque Government and President Iñigo Urkullu to “continue their efforts to attract cultural, recreational, and sporting events that will boost Euskadi economics and benefit the community.”

With EURO 2020 just around the corner the San Mamés will get great exposure. In fact, the Standing Committee of the European Convention on Spectator Violence recently visited the Stadium during Athletic’s match against Barcelona. The Committee is visiting many of the host stadiums for the tournament to inspect, analyze, and ensure that sufficient safety measures are in place ahead of time.

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