New Athletic Foundation Director Jon Vázquez Eguskiza Wants Projects To Be Recognized On An International Level

Eguskiza Juan Carlos Ercoreca

The Athletic Foundation announces the 7th annual Thinking Football Film Festival (AC)

The Athletic Foundation has been an important part of the club since its inception and Aitor Elizegi shared his hopes of seeing it do even more in the community after he won the Presidential election back in December. He began by naming former Athletic President Juan Carlos Ercoreca the new President of the Foundation and more changes have followed.

A few days ago the club officially announced that Jon Vázquez Eguskiza had been hired as the Director of the Foundation and will work under Ercoreca. Eguskiza is a former economic lawyer who spent the last 15 years working in various capacities for Kutxabank. On Wednesday the Fundazioa announced the dates for the 7th annual “Thinking Football Film Festival” (18-22 March) and Eguskiza couldn’t hide his excitement.

“When Athletic calls you to be able to work within the club you have to go. It’s a dream that I’ve had since I was little and I couldn’t say no to such an irrevocable offer. When Juan Carlos mentioned the possibility of me joining it was very exciting. I know that the sector I come from doesn’t have much to do with the Foundation, but being able to approach social issues is something that really appeals to me.”

When asked about immediate goals, Eguskiza admitted that he wants to see relationships strengthened. Furthermore, it’s his goal to channel all donations and income into projects that are being carried out or developed. The Foundation needs to become more transparent, he stated, and be recognized internationally.

“The relationship with companies and supporters is something we want to build on, and we want to channel the income that comes from companies and supporters through projects that are carried out by the Foundation. During this period, until 2020, we want these social and cultural projects to have visibility and for people to know them, not only locally but also internationally.”


New Athletic Foundation Director Jon Vázquez Eguskiza (AC)

According to Eguskiza, the Foundation must continually work to play a positive role in the societal and cultural aspects of the region. From promoting Women’s football to introducing new projects focused on equality, the new Director wants to do even more relevant work in the years to come.

“We want to have this impact because we believe that Athletic should have a unique Foundation that everyone should be included We have the Women’s team, La Liga Genuine, projects abroad, and we are very clear that we want to do more. We have a lot of projects already in development and we want to give them more relevance and continue this cultural theme.”

The “Thinking Football Film Festival” is a spectacular event that will once again give special opportunities for a seventh consecutive year. It is one of the biggest projects of the Athletic Fundazioa and there are many more ideas that are currently in development. The club has always championed the importance of being involved in the society in and around Bizkaia, which will continue to be the focus under the Foundation’s new leadership.

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