Athletic Club President Aitor Elizegi Officially Joins The RFEF Board Of Directors

Elizegi Rubiales Spain

RFEF President Luis Rubiales with Athletic President Aitor Elizegi (RFEF)

Aitor Elizegi championed several different causes during his campaign to become the President of Athletic Club. From promoting the Grada de Animacíon to the growth of Women’s football, he became the face of the fans. He showed vision to connect the club even deeper with the culture and society of Bizkaia, but also shared specific ideas for much bigger goals as well.

One issue that Elizegi was highly critical of was the club’s lack of involvement in Madrid, referring to the La Liga headquarters and Spanish Football Federation. With Athletic being one of the founding members of La Liga he felt as though the club should be more directly involved with the governing bodies and made it a priority to do so once he won the Presidency back in December.

That goal now seems to be have been accomplished. On Wednesday Athletic officially announced that Aitor Elizegi is joining the RFEF Board of Directors and will be working alongside Spanish Federation President Luis Rubiales. Elizegi’s specific role and duties on the Board have not been revealed, but Athletic once again have direct representation within the RFEF governing body.

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