Aritz Solabarrieta “The Team Was Good In Attack And Defense”

Asier Benito

Asier Benito scored 3 goals and provided an assist in Saturday’s win (Zabaleta)

Bilbao Athletic are very happy to have Asier Benito back healthy and scoring goals. After missing several weeks due to injury the forward has found his rhythm again and on Saturday he scored three goals and provided an assist in a 4-1 win over Real Oviedo. After the match manager Aritz Solabarrieta had words of praise for the team who gave a very balanced performance.

“The team was good in attack and defense. We allowed very few chances and we attacked well against an opponent who is ahead of us in the standings. That gives a lot of merit to what the players have done. Asier Benito is a player who makes his teammates better. Sometimes he needs to be more selfish, and to look at what good he can do. His first goal helped him to be more comfortable, especially considering that he came from a game against Gernika where he didn’t play his best.”

Bilbao Athletic have won every game at home under Solabarrieta, but they’ve also lost every game on the road. The manager was asked about that after the match and made it clear that right now the team deserves to celebrate a good performance. There is a danger is always looking at the negative, especially after a big win.

“It’s funny that when we just won a match 4-1 against a good opponent there are questions about our performances on the road. I understand that you (the press) want to analyze that, but we must celebrate the good we have done. We have lost the five games away from home since I arrived, but we have also won all five games we’ve played at home. Sometimes we do wrong by removing value from something good, for example what we did against Real Oviedo.”

Aritz Solabarrieta

Aritz Solabarrieta knows the team must improve away from home (MD)

Solabarrieta is very aware that the team needs to get better results away from home. He said that he has to be the first one to improve in this area. Despite the struggles he has no doubt that Bilbao Athletic will find a good balance moving forward.

“It’s evident that we are lacking away from home. I am the first that needs to improve so that our performances on the road can be better. We are working for that every day.  I’m not going to say that it is difficult for us to create chances because there are days where we have done that well, but it is difficult for us to find a balance. I have no doubt we will find that balance.”

The big win at Lezama puts Bilbao Athletic back in the conversation for the promotional playoffs. However, they will have to find ways to earn points on the road if they are really going to compete for a place in the top four. The Katxorros will have another opportunity to win their first game away from home on Sunday when they travel to face off with Logroñés.

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