Appeals Committee Upholds The Second Yellow Card Shown To Oscar De Marcos

Oscar De Marcos Raul Garcia Dani

Oscar De Marcos was shown two yellow cards against Barcelona (LaLiga)

There was something of a surprise on Wednesday when it was announced that the La Liga Competition Committee had reviewed the second yellow card given to Oscar De Marcos against Barcelona. After analyzing the play they ruled that there was not enough evidence to overturn to call made by referee Carlos del Cerro Grande. As expected, Athletic took the next steps.

The club announced that they would be filing an official appeal to the Appeals Committee to have the second yellow card rescinded. Athletic believe that the occurrence did not warrant a second booking and wanted the play reviewed in hopes of avoiding being without De Marcos for two matches. The ruling was once again not in their favor.

On Friday Athletic announced that their appeal had been rejected by the Appeals Committee. To those who have seen the play the decision may be a surprise, but after the Competition Committee stated they did not have enough evidence to overturn the call a similar ruling was expected. Oscar De Marcos will now serve a two-game suspension, one match for the first yellow card (his 5th of the season) and the second match for being sent off.

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