Athletic Club Purchase 8,000 Square Meters Of Land To Expand The Lezama Facilities


The Lezama training facilities (Athletic Club)

Lezama is the pillar on which Athletic stands and the club is always looking for ways to improve the academy and the facilities. It seems like there are improvements being made every single year and for countless Presidents there has always been dreams of expanding the grounds with more fields and, above all else, a residence building for the players who live outside of Bizkaia.

David Olabarria of El Correo has reported that Athletic have purchased 8,000 square meters of land at the top of Lezama that also contain a functioning farmhouse. The hamlet was owned by four brothers, one of which still lives on the property and will need to vacate the premises in the coming months. The deal was finalized at the end of last year, before the election of President Aitor Elizegi, and cost the club just over €1 million.

The soil on the land has been deemed rustic which means that, for now, the club will not be able to construct new fields or buildings. However, in the time ahead Athletic could realistically install additional fields on the property after they deal with the issue of the inclination. Constructing any type of building will take much longer as the club will have to go through the many steps of getting approval to do so.

Sources told El Correo that right now the biggest prize is the purchase of the farmhouse because regulations do allow for changes to the property itself, such as turning it into a residence. The farmhouse is very close to the current housing area for players, but a special permit will be required. Regardless of what happens or what will happen Athletic continue to look for ways to improve Lezama and the ultimate goal is still to introduce a sports city with player residences and a first team building on the Lezama premises.

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