Kenan Kodro “I’m A Very Hard Worker, That’s Why I’m Here”

Kenan Kodro

Kenan Kodro signs his contract with Athletic Club (AC)

Kenan Kodro is officially an Athletic Club player. The Lions paid an undisclosed fee on the final day of the transfer window to sign the 25-year-old who has penned a contract through 2022 that also contains an €80 million release clause. He will wear the number 2 shirt. Kodro was presented to the public on Friday and shared his excitement at returning to the Basque Country and was thankful for the faith the club has in him.

“It all started a few days ago. I did not want to know anything until it concrete. I am very excited and eager to start training. It’s a dream for me to come home. I thank the president, Rafa and the entire Board of Directors for believing in me, and I hope to return that confidence quickly. Physically I am very well and mentally also. I hope that the fans value me for the things I have done, for the things I do, and for what I am going to do.”

When discussing the type of player that he is Kodro made it clear that it’s all about hard work and being willing to fight for every ball. He knows that he is strong and can score with his head and both feet. He believes that he will do well under manager Gaizka Garitano.

“I’m a very hard worker, that’s why I’m here, which for me is a prize, I’m a player who can move a lot and I can contribute a lot of verticality. Probably the best thing is that I can shoot with both feet. I have a lot of fight in me and I think that’s part of the DNA that an Athletic player must have: claw and strength. I fight for every ball. I don’t think I will have any problem fitting into Garitano’s system.”

Kenan Kodro

Kodro says hard work is what brought him to Athletic (AC)

Many will always see Kenan through the lens of his father Meho Kodro who was a legendary player for Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Real Sociedad. The 25-year-old is happy to have his father as a reference but sees himself as an individual. Right now he’s focused on learning as much as possible from Raúl García and Aritz Aduriz.

“I’m always going to be Kenan Kodro. I’m very proud of my father and of the great player he was, but that does not weigh me down. I’m happy with having him as a reference. When I return to play with the Bosnian national team I will do so as a proud Athletic Club player. I really want to get to know Raúl García and Aduriz and ask them how they are so good. I want to be a sponge and soak up everything I can learn from them.”

There is a chance that Kodro could be included in the squad for tomorrow’s Basque Derby against Real Sociedad. The striker actually spent several years at the La Real academy and was asked what he would do it he scored a goal. “If tomorrow I score a goal in Anoeta I will celebrate, with respect, but I will do it”, he answered. “It’s very emotional moment for a striker.”


  • Number 2? What sort of squad number is that for a striker? I’d have given him 27. 2+7=9. Simple. It’s divisible by 9 too. Poor old Cristian Ganea. He’s hardly stepped out the door and they’ve given out his number already. Ah well. As long as this lad knows where the back of the net is. Aupa Kenny!

    • Don’t forget, Gaizka Toquero wore the number 2. Ever since then 2 has been a special number for an Athletic striker.

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