Athletic Femenino Set Attendance Record For Women’s Football In Spain With 48,121 Fans At The San Mamés

Athletic Femenino

Athletic Femenino set an attendance record with 48,121 fans filling the San Mamés (AC)

Athletic Club have been one of the pioneers of Women’s football in Europe, and arguably the biggest proponent of the sport in all of Spain. From heavily promoting the Ladies team to creating youth teams for younger girls in the area the Basques have put a heavy emphasis on its growth. Promoting the growth of Women’s football was also a big part of Aitor Elizegi’s platform when he won the club Presidency last month. He promised to find ways for Athletic Femenino to play at the San Mamés and on Wednesday that became a reality.

Last week the club officially announced that the Ladies team would play at the San Mamés as they were set to host Atlético Madrid in the Copa de la Reina. In the buildup to the game Athletic heavily promoted the match with former players, current players, coaches, and directors all being included in videos urging the fans to come out and support the team. The result was outstanding.

On Tuesday Athletic announced that tickets for the game had sold out and on Wednesday the San Mamés was packed with fans giving their full support to the Ladies and creating a fantastic atmosphere at the Cathedral. In total 48,121 seats were filled which made it the highest attendance for a Women’s game in the history of Spanish football, at both club and international levels. To put it into perspective, the highest attendance at the Cathedral for a Men’s match this season is 46,860.

It was a momentous occasion for Women’s football and should have massive social implications as well. Thousands of young girls got to watch the Ladies play in front of a sold out and deafening stadium while fans in general put their full support behind the team. After the game many fans took to social media calling for others to come regularly support Athletic Femenino at their other games which are normally held at Lezama.

The Neskak may have lost 2-0 but the game was historic. It was another huge step forward in the growth of Women’s football and Athletic once again proved the special and unique connection that the club has with the fans and community. The Zurigorri have continued to champion Women’s football and there is surely even more to come in the future.

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