Iñaki Williams Discusses What It Means To Play 100 Consecutive La Liga Matches

Inaki Williams

“One hundred matches isn’t a row isn’t something that happens every day.” (AC)

Iñaki Williams has accomplished something that most players never will. As Athletic faced off with Sevilla on Sunday at the San Mamés, Williams was playing his 100th consecutive La Liga match. The streak began back on 20 April, 2016 in a game against Atlético Madrid and the 24-year-old is now the 5th Athletic player to accomplish the special milestone. On Tuesday he sat down for a special interview with AthleticTV where he discussed the achievement, the importance of being available, and how he is still maturing as a footballer.

100 Conescutive Matches

“It’s a real pride for me. One hundred matches in a row isn’t something that happens every day, you have to play over and over again. It seems like it was yesterday when I made my debut. The trust of my coaches makes me continue to strive. I’ve had to fight a lot to get to where I am and I am very proud of what I have accomplished.”

Trust and Availability

“Both things are important. Being available to the coach is always important, not having injuries, not having cards…many things influence availability. I have always been available. It also helps that the boss trusts you and lets you know that you are trusted. I have always tried to do my best to respond to the confidence of the coach.”

Playing as a ‘9’

“I’ve always played as a striker. I’ve always liked to start from the ‘9’ and that’s where I’ve scored goals. When I went up to the first team, due to circumstances and because there were players like Aritz [Aduriz], it was very difficult to play there. I enjoy it more, but I have learned a lot playing on the wing and I am very grateful.”

Ibai Inaki Muniain

Athletic celebrate Iñaki’s second goal against Sevilla (AC)

Being Among Legends

“I am proud to have beaten very great players and to have others ahead of me. I think I can pass a few this season. I would like to break those Spanish football legends records. I hope I can beat them with Athletic, which is my biggest dream.”

The Magnitude of the Achievement

“When you play everything happens very fast and you are not aware of the magnitude of what you are achieving and the importance of what you do. For me it’s a dream come true to be able to come to Lezama every day to train with the first team, to be part of the squad and, above all, make people happy with games like Sunday. I hope to continue enjoying football as I have been until now. It is very important for me and for all Athleticzales.”

Humility and Desire to Learn

“I am aware that nobody has given me anything, that I am here on my own merits and everything I have achieved is based on effort, work and sacrifice. My parents have taught me well and I can never forget that.”


“The experience and the passage of the games helped me understand that tranquility and that serenity that I’ve lacked in the box. Little by little I am taking on that facet of being a better footballer like Adu always tell me. He corrects me and tries to help me. I am in the learning stage and everything that comes will be for the best. It’s what I need. I need to learn because I’m going to be a great player.”

Aritz Aduriz Inaki Williams

Iñaki Williams is trying to learn as much as he can from Aritz Aduriz (LaLiga)

Favorite Match

“For me it would be my debut, although it was a defeat. I was fulfilling a dream, I had finally arrived. I have to stay and continue working because I am already feeling it with my fingertips.”

Favorite Goal

“In Liga I would stay with the one I scored at Espanyol. I made a spectacular play, everything went perfect. That week was great because I scored against Betis, but the most important of my career was the one I scored against Torino in Turin. I expected to be a starter and I was lucky that Viguera made a spectacular play. He left the ball on a plate and I just had to push it in. I remember that when I went to the corner I shouted, “I got a goal!” All the players came to hug me and it’s a moment I’ll never forget.”

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