Iñaki Williams “I’ve Worked So Hard And It Was Special To Score Again At The San Mamés”

Inaki Williams

Iñaki Williams broke his 770 day scoring drought with a brace against Sevilla (AC)

Sunday’s 2-0 win over Sevilla was a very special night for Iñaki Williams in a way that not many could ever understand. The last time the forward scored a league goal at the San Mamés was back on 4 December, 2016 and he finally broke the drought with an impressive brace to help Athletic take all three points. After the game he said that it was a beautiful match and that it felt good for his hard work to pay off.

“It was the most beautiful of matches. In the end everything came out well. I hope to continue with this dynamic, adding games and scoring more goals like today. What I experienced this afternoon at the San Mamés was special. I’m very happy. Scoring again at the San Mamés after so much time, having worked so hard and the situation that the team is going through…it’s special. The team has given more than a good face and that fans were very close to us.”

Williams went on to say just how special it was to break the drought, highlighting his comfort of attacking in space and using his speed. He knew he had to score the second goal to prevent Sevilla from being able to mount a comeback in the final minutes of the game.

“The goals were very special for me. I feel very comfortable when in the open field and there are very fast transitions where I can run like the two chances I had today. The second goal was a special play and I knew that we could suffer in the end if we didn’t get a second goal. I fought for that ball as if it were the last and took advantage of my speed. Scoring the first goal took the weight off, I wanted to cry.”


“I knew this moment was going to come.” (LaLiga)

It’s been a difficult road for Williams and he’s received plenty of criticism for his lack of goals, but he knows that’s part of the games. He’s been supported the entire time and thanked Aritz Aduriz for always teaching him about the importance of being calm in front of goal.

“Football is like that. When things go well everything gives you a pat on the shoulder, but when things go bad it seems that you can’t do anything right. I’ve worked so hard, I’ve always worked hard, and it is special to score at the San Mamés after the criticism I’ve heard. My family, my friends, and my teammates have been there for me and I knew this moment was going to come. Fans have trusted me. We were very effective. When I get the ball and can run I have peace of hind. That’s what Aduriz always tells me that I need. When I have space I’m very comfortable.”

With Aritz Aduriz missing the game due to a bruised knee it was up to Williams to lead the offense. Reports have also suggested that Athletic are close to bringing back Fernando Llorente and are in talks with Tottenham to finalize the transfer. “All players who come to help the team are welcome”, Williams said when asked about the possible arrival.

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