Athletic Club All In On Trying To Sign Striker Fernando Llorente

Fernando Llorente

Athletic are in talks to sign Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente (Tottenham)

With Athletic having secured the signing of Ibai Gómez the club is now giving their full attention to the transfer of Fernando Llorente. The Board of Directors, along with manager Gaizka Garitano and Sporting Director Rafa Alkorta, have made the 33-year-old the top priority now and are looking to reach an agreement with Tottenham as quickly as possible.

Sources told Inside Athletic late Thursday evening that the club was in serious pursuit of Llorente which was then reported by Robert Basic of El Correo on Friday morning. The report stated that the club are mounting “a full offensive” to bring Llorente back to the San Mamés and are already in talks with Tottenham. The two sides had already begun talks which have since picked up very rapidly.

Llorente recently stated publicly that he would like to return to Athletic which President Aitor Elizegi called a good first step towards a possible reunion. Furthermore, Alberto Santacruz has since reported that Llorente has asked Tottenham to facilitate his move to Athletic and the English club has agreed to do so. The striker has offers from two other clubs, unnamed, but is only interested in returning to Athletic at right now. He understands that there will be some angry fans if the move goes through, but the Board of Directors is willing to deal with any backlash.

“Athletic Club want the move to happen, Llorente wants the move to happen, and Tottenham have agreed to negotiate an agreement”, a source told Inside Athletic. “Unless something changes, it’s happening.” Athletic have already set aside 16 January as the day to present Fernando Llorente as the newest signing as the club is hoping to finalize the transfer by Monday or Tuesday.

Athletic view Fernando Llorente as the perfect addition that will give the team another dangerous forward and important depth at the position. The fact that his contract is expiring in a few months and Tottenham are looking to sell certainly make a move more likely. Only time will tell if the Basques will actually be able to work out a deal to sign the 33-year-old, but for now negotiations are parties are trying to come to an agreement as soon as possible. Things are moving quickly.

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