Mikel San José And Mikel Balenziaga Thinking Positively After Thursday’s Loss To Sevilla

Mikel San Jose Guruzeta

Mikel San José celebrates his goal against Sevilla (AC)

Athletic’s 3-1 loss to Sevilla on Thursday will make it difficult for the Lions to advance to the next round of the Copa del Rey. Mikel San José and Mikel Balenziaga both spoke to AthleticTV after the game and admitted that things changed after the second goal. Despite the result they are positive that the team will be ready for Sunday’s La Liga fixture and believe that Athletic can mount a comeback in the second leg.

Mikel Balenziaga

“The second goal really hurt us. We have to tighten up and fix those mistakes. They had that play four or five times and scored three goals. We have to be more careful to avoid repeating disappointment. Our spirit has not declined but we recognized that this was a stumble. What we have to do is make the game different and use all of our weapons. We can certainly take the game forward to them. We are also happy with the return of Ibai [Gómez]. He is a player who has done things very well. He is a very, very important player and will help us. We are delighted that he comes back to help the team.”

Mikel San José

“The key to the game was their second goal. We managed to tie the score quickly as soon as we started the second half and we were better when we had the ball, but didn’t create enough chances. We lost to a team that is having a great season. We have to change and correct many things. Conceding three goals is a lot. We have to be a stronger team defensively. We were able to do very nice things and I was happy to score, although it didn’t help us much. The tie isn’t over, nothing is impossible.”

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