Aritz Aduriz Suffers Bruised Knee In Loss To Sevilla

Aritz Aduriz

Aritz Aduriz in pain after scoring a goal that would be annulled (LaLiga)

Aritz Aduriz looked to have pulled Athletic level just before halftime when he put the ball into the back of Sevilla’s goal, but VAR called it off. Not only did the goal not stand, neither could Aduriz. The striker had collided with a defender earlier in the game and was not able to continue due to knee pain.

Iker Muniain took the strikers place and there was immediate concern. Replay showed that his knee had been struck by another on the side, but when it comes to knees, especially at Aduriz’s age, there is always concern. After the game was over there seemed to be a bit of good news.

Athletic announced that Aduriz has been diagnosed with a bruise on the outside of his right knee and that more tests will be performed. If it is a simple bruise that would be the best possible news. If he can manage the pain and reduce the swelling there would even be a chance that he could play in Sunday’s league match against Sevilla, although unlikely. If there is a more serious issue he would of course miss more time.

The hope is that the striker has truly dodged a bullet and will be able to make a quick recovery, but the club will know more after other tests are performed. For now Athletic must focus on preparing for their next match as they look to move even further away from the relegation zone in the La Liga table.

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