Athletic Club President Aitor Elizegi Meets With RFEF President Luis Rubiales

Elizegi Rubiales Spain

RFEF President Luis Rubiales with Athletic President Aitor Elizegi (RFEF)

Throughout Aitor Elizegi’s election campaign the new Athletic President regularly stated that he wanted the club to be better represented in Madrid – referring to the La Liga and Spanish Football Federation headquarters. From simply attending meetings to playing a role in making decision, he believes that Athletic should be more involved.

In one of his first acts as President, and in a gesture of good will, Elizegi made the trip to Madrid on Tuesday along with Secretary Fernando San José, Accountant Jon Ander de las Fuentes, and Deputy Secretary María José Tato. The Athletic Club Directors met with RFEF President Luis Rubiales in what has been called an institutional meeting. Rubiales welcomed the Athletic Directors by giving them two Spain National Team jerseys, one with “Athletic Club” as the name on the back and the other sporting the name of President Elizegi.

Elizegi had a few controversial statements pertaining to international football during the election process. At one point he said that the San Mamés would always be available for Spain to use, but also admitted that he would love to see the Basque National Team recognized by FIFA and UEFA and be allowed to compete in tournaments. Regardless of his opinions, Elizegi wants Athletic to have a better relationship with the heads of La Liga and the Spanish Federation and Tuesday’s meeting with Luis Rubiales can be a step in that direction.

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