Aritz Solabarrieta “We Are Getting Better Every Game”

Villalibre Salado

Iñigo Vicente celebrates his first half goal against Vitoria (Zabaleta)

Bilbao Athletic picked up three important points on Saturday when they defeated Vitoria 2-0 at Lezama. It was perhaps the best performance so far under new manager Aritz Solabarrieta who told reporters after the match that the team is getting better with every passing day.

“There are very good players and coaches in the Segunda B. It’s a big difference from the Tercera. We are getting better every game and we’ve getting more comfortable. It’s obvious that we have to improve away from home. We have a strong team of good players who are smart. We can play in different ways and we are going to do it.”

Solabarrieta has mainly used three center-backs, which is what he did with the Juvenil A team last year and with CD Basconia, but Saturday’s match was a return to the standard four defender lineup. The manager said that there are so many smart players in the squad that the team has the freedom to do different things.

“We have to see the players we have and propose the best possible scenarios and lineups to be successful. I think in the end the system is the least important. We have an idea of how we have to do things. The promotional playoffs is the objective, without a doubt. It’s a reality and we have to be ambitious. I tell the players that we won’t conform, that we won’t limit ourselves, and we will pull ahead.”

Vicente Benito

Asier Benito scored his first goal of the season (Zabaleta)

In closing, Solabarrieta gave his quick thoughts on the recent Presidential election saying that everyone must pull in the same direction to achieve positive things. He is sad to see José María Amorrortu leave the club, but is focused on doing well with Bilbao Athletic.

“We had an election on the 27th and the Socios decided that Aitor Elizegi would be the President and now it’s time for everyone to row in the same direction so that our club, Athletic, does well. That’s what we all want. I’ve know Amorrortu for 25 years. I have great personal affection for him and I think he’s always going to be a fan who will want the best for Athletic.”

Saturday’s win at Lezama now puts Bilbao Athletic 7 points off of the promotional playoff zone of the league table. They will have the chance to make up ground on Sunday when they travel to face off with Tudelano in what will be yet another difficult game on the road.

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