Markel Susaeta “We Are A More Organized Team Now”

Markel Susaeta

Markel Susaeta says Athletic must focus on winning one game at a time (MD)

With the Holidays now over Athletic will finally be back on the field Monday night when they travel to face off with Celta Vigo at Balaídos. Captain Markel Susaeta addressed the media in a press conference after Saturday’s training session and stated that he believes the team is better now under Gaizka Garitano. Right now the team needs to win one game at a time to improve their position in the table.

“We are a more organized team now, creating more chances with better control of the game. That is what Garitano wants from us and we have tried to mold ourselves to what he tells us. We aren’t here to complain. These days off have helped to reload the batteries and now we have to focus on the next game, adding three points at a time. I see the team with great enthusiasm and desire to get out of here. We have to start winning now to change the dynamics and the team has confidence.”

Susaeta then went on to admit that Athletic are not in a good position and have lacked consistency this season. The team has had to start with the basics and he warned that Celta Vigo will be a difficult opponent even without leading scorer Iago Aspas who will miss the game due to injury.

“Making calculations today is a little hasty. We know the situation that we are in and it hurts to be down here. If I had an easy solution we wouldn’t be down this far. The sensations that we are having are not good. We play a good match then a bad once. We’ve had no regularity with our performances and even less with the results. We could have had more points, but we have to set our minds on Vigo and win there. We start from the basis of being organized, so that we don’t give up chances and from there with good pressure create our own. They may not have Aspas, but we have to focus on ourselves. They will try to play with the ball and they have good command of the ball. We’ll have to be organized and use good pressure.”

Markel Susaeta

“To date, no one has contacted me.” (AC)

In closing, Susaeta was asked about new President Aitor Elizegi. The Captain said that Elizegi has tried to be close to the team, but that it’s too early to really know him that well. Susaeta also admitted that he has yet to be contacted about a new contract and won’t say anything until there is news.

“It’s early to say something. He is close to everyone and has been with us to show support. He gave us a presentations and has tried to see how the teams and players are doing. I wish him the best of luck in the world because his luck will be ours also. To date no one has contacted me [about a renewal]. For months my environment and I know what I want. When there is news we will say so.”

Athletic have yet to win a game on the road this season but the team plans to change that Monday night. If they Lions are able to win they would move out of the relegation zone and could climb as high as 16th in the La Liga table. It won’t be an easy match, even with Iago Aspas ruled out, but the players have had plenty of time to rest and prepare for another must-win fixture.

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