Mikel Rico Suffers Ruptured Tendon In First Training Session Back From Ankle Injury

Mikel Rico

Mikel Rico could need surgery after rupturing a tendon in training (AC)

Thursday started out great for Mikel Rico. The midfielder returned to training for the first time since he suffered an ankle injury on 14 November in a friendly against Deportivo. At the time there was feat that he had fractured his ankle, but an MRI revealed that it was just a blow and he expected to return quickly. It took much longer than previously thought, but he was back on the field and was even expected to be cleared for Monday night’s game against Celta Vigo. Then it took a turn for the worst.

After Thursday’s training Athletic announced that the 34-year-old had suffered a ruptured tendon in the same leg during the session. More tests will be carried out over the next few days to see what will be the best recovery, but there is a chance that he will need to have surgery to repair the injury. If that is the case he would be sidelined for roughly 6 weeks.

Before suffering his initial ankle injury Rico was earning more prominence in the team, but now he will be sidelined for even longer. With his contract expiring in June the midfielder was hoping to prove himself worthy of an extension which makes his recovery vitally important. There is still hope that the upcoming tests will reveal good news, although for now Rico is set for another extended period off the field.

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