Aitor Elizegi Pens New Year’s Letter To Athletic Club Fans And Socios

Aitor Elizegi

Athletic Club President Aitor Elizegi (AC)

With 2018 coming to a close new Athletic Club President Aitor Elizegi has released a letter to the fans and Socios. He took the time to wish everyone health and success in 2019, while also praising Athletic’s unique philosophy and hoping for improvement on and off the field in the year to come. His letter reads as follows:

We close a different year, one hard to forget.

Many things have happened in the Athletic family in these twelve months.

We can not forget at this time those who have left us and will not be with us in San Mamés next year. Goian beude.

A gesture for Kepa Junkera and for all the Athleticzales to whom, in these moments, their health demands an effort, tomorrow the same: much strength.

But I do not want to miss this opportunity to congratulate all the Athletic families for their effort, and again, for our unique philosophy, which allows us to make history every day, every month, and every year with every Athletic Club team, starting with the Women’s team and until the last Rojiblanco Alevín.

Of course, I can not forget that a few hours ago the Socias and Socios of Athletic participated in an election call to renew our Board of Directors.

We could put the focus on the results, but I would like to emphasize and focus this message on wishing you a happy year. Urte Berri On, peace and health, good health to each and every one of the Socias and Socios whether or not they voted in Ibaigane on 27 December, to those who voted for one candidate or the other, who worked for one or the other and, of course, the Socios who were part of both, I would like to send you the strongest of hugs.

Allow me to personalize this desire for good health and a good year to Don Alberto Uribe-Echevarria and the former president of Athletic Don Josu Urrutia Telleria. I can only wish you the best possible 2019 personally and professionally.

Athletic is a Club of hearts, diversified in race, ideology, and condition. All your heartbeats are welcome. We only ask you to share our way of understanding the sport of football, competing with ours, with those from home.

To all the rojiblanco hearts, wherever they are, we only ask them to beat hard in 2019, very strong!

Of course, we sustain and reinforce a special desire for the professional sports staff of our Club. Our hope for 2019 is set on your hope to improve and compete. We know that it is your greatest wish to have a special year for all.

I do not want to forget any of the workers of the Rojiblanco family. Even the most modest of positions are all essential for this new journey of twelve months.

In Bilbao, Bizkaia, and Euskadi some hearts are not Rojiblancos, but they defend other sports disciplines and other colors with effort and values. We do not forget them in our desires.

It would be unfair to forget our rivals. We send from the Athletic Club a desire for health for all those who in 2019 are on the other side of the field.

Zorionak eta Urte berri ONENA!

Aitor Elizegi, President

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