Aitor Elizegi Plans To Speak With Alex Remiro About The Goalkeeper’s Contract Situation

Alex Remiro

Could Aitor Elizegi convince Alex Remiro to reconsider leaving Athletic? (MD)

Alex Remiro’s ongoing contract drama was a serious issue at the start of the season. The Lezama graduate was expected to take over for Kepa Arrizabalaga who had left for Chelsea, but that didn’t happen. Instead Remiro was left out of the team, which has been the case all year, with former President Josu Urrutia eventually announcing that the 23-year-old had refused to negotiate a new contract with Athletic.

Rumors claimed that Remiro has had a deal in place with Real Sociedad for several months now, but many fans refuse to believe that the former Board of Directors told the entire story. There were questions raised over why the goalkeeper didn’t want to negotiate and what discussions had actually taken place. New President Aitor Elizegi is determined to find out the truth.

“We will meet with Remiro very soon to understand what thoughts and feelings he has”, Elizegi said in a recent interview. The President made it clear before the elections even took place that he would sit down with Remiro to hear his side of the story and, if possible, attempt to negotiate an extension. Now that Elizegi has taken office it won’t be long before that conversation takes place.

At this point there is no way to know what will happen. Perhaps having a new President in control of Ibaigane could convince Alex Remiro to rethink his future, or maybe it won’t have any affect at all. Either way, Elizegi wants to get to the bottom of the situation and will try to find a solution to the conflict that has existed since the start of the season.

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