Juan Carlos Ercoreca “Aitor Elizegi’s Win Is Fresh Air For Athletic”

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi with Juan Carlos Ercoreca (Middle)

Juan Carlos Ercoreca has returned to Athletic Club. The Former Vice President will now serve as the President of Athletic’s Foundation following Thursday’s election win by Aitor Elizegi. On Friday night Ercoreca was a guest on the Fuera de Juego radio show and said that Elizegi’s victory will be a great thing for the club.

“Aitor Elizegi’s win is fresh air for Athletic. Our philosophy, our history, will remain. We will protect it as is has always been protected. We will be firm defenders of our tradition. There is not going to be a revolution, but an evolution of the club towards modernity and the 21st century because, in many aspects, we were anchored for several years. We are not going to go crazy and change absolutely everything because there are things that are working well.”

Ercoreca went on to discuss Elizegi’s young team of supporters, but was not shy about the fact the election was very close. The Fundazioa President is excited to be back serving the club.

“It was a very exciting night. We are a team with a lot of young people, with a lot of enthusiasm, and there were tense moments but we always had a sporting spirit. We also can’t forget that the election was fair. There were 23,000 Socios who didn’t vote and 900 of the votes were blank or null. For me, going back to the club is very exciting. I will try to improve the Foundation and visualize what is already done.”

Elizegi Ercoreca

Juan Carlos Ercoreca will serve as the President of Athletic’s Fundazioa (AC)

In closing, Ercoreca said that everyone already working at the club has been contacted and that changes will put into place slowly. The most important thing right now is that the team secure three important points against Celta Vigo in Athletic’s next match which will take place at Balaídos.

“Today we have made contact with all the employees of the club and we have told them that we are going to start little by little, knowing that there are things that are being done well. Athletic is going to come out of this hole. In Vigo we are going to start to come back. We are plating with more order and now we need to do it more calmly. Without detracting from the players, anyone who compares the team now to those of the black biennium will realize that we have a much better prepared squad and a stronger technical staff.”

Aitor Elizegi has surrounded himself with several former players, coaches, and those who previously served within Ibaigane. People like Juan Carlos Ercoreca are seem as important members of Elizegi’s team who can help bring in the changes that were pushed during the Presidential campaign. From the reinventing the Grada de Animación to improve Lezama, the new regime have big plans.

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