Aitor Elizegi And His Team Defend Athletic Club’s Historic Philosophy Amidst Fear Of Changes

Aitor Elizegi

Aitor Elizegi and Rafa Alkorta have both defended Athletic’s philosophy (AC)

Throughout Athletic Club’s Presidential election process both candidates brought good and bad ideas to the table. While Aitor Elizegi was seen as the fact of change and a man of the people there were many who were concerned about some of his statements regarding the club’s historic philosophy. Now that he has taken office he and his Board of Directors have come out in defense of the philosophy, rejecting the idea that they will make an alterations.

“I haven’t understood the topic at any time”, Elizegi told El Correo when asked if he will make changes. “I only tried to say that it will be necessary to ask the Socios of the future what they think. We have yet to meet a single Socio who wants the philosophy changed. I am comfortable and the philosophy is clear, with players trained in Lezama, this is very clear, and the whole planet understands it. I would even highlight those formed with us, which is what has always been understood. But there were people who questioned what I said and I had to be very clear during the whole campaign.”

Elizegi went on to say that the philosophy is the strength and identity of Athletic, making it clear that he has no intentions of making any changes whatsoever. “We have to remember that the philosophy is untouchable because it is also our strength”, he said. “It is the pride and advantage of this club. I will repeat it again so it is clear. I do not want to write the philosophy of the 21st century. We will be here for three and a half years and that is a very short period of time. We want trained footballers with us, in Lezama, and there is no other possible interpretation.”

The new President isn’t the only one that has come out to defend the philosophy. Rafa Alkorta, who has now taken over as the club’s new Sporting Director, also made it very clear that there will be no changes made. “The Philosophy is immovable”, he told Onda Cero. “It’s been this way for 100 years and there will be 100 more. We are ready for the responsibility.”

Former Vice President, now new President of Athletic’s Foundation, has also gone on record regarding the topic. As a guest on the Fuera de Juego radio show on Friday night he stated, “Our philosophy, our history, will remain. We will protect it as is has always been protected. We will be firm defenders of our tradition.”

Aitor Elizegi will hold the office of Athletic President until the summer of 2022 when the next elections will take place. So far he and his team are saying all of the right things after initially creating worry about their thoughts on the philosophy. The most important thing to the Socios and fans is that the club’s philosophy and identity continued to be protected and that appears to be exactly what Elizegi and his Board of Directors aim to do.

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