Rafa Alkorta “I Want To Get An Understanding Of The Needs Of Lezama And The Team”

Rafa Alkorta

Rafa Alkorta attends the Athletic Club Presidential election (AC)

Aitor Elizegi has won the Athletic Club Presidency which means that former defender Rafael Alkorta will become the new Sporting Director. He has been putting together a project for Lezama for several years now with the goal of making it the top youth academy in Europe. After the election results were announced late Thursday night Alkorta told reporters that the first thing he will do is meet with those currently at Lezama to get an understanding of how things are going.

“The first thing I will do is go to Lezama to soak up what is there. I want to get an understanding of the needs of the academy and of the team. We must talk to our partner clubs in Bizkaia and see what can be improved and what can be improved at Lezama. There is still a lot of work to be done.”

Alkorta seeks to make Lezama the academy that every Basque child wants to attend so that they can grow and develop. The ultimate goal will always be producing players for the first team and that has to start at a young age.

“Now we have to reinvent ourselves so that Lezama is the place where all the boys of Euskadi want to go train and play. Our project consists of many things, but what we want is to always have our teams playing the best so that Athletic remains where it should be – at the top of the standings – and always supplying the first team with players.”

Lezama graduate Andoni Ayarza will serve as Alkorta’s Technical Secretary while former coach Manu Delgado will act as an external advisor. Aitor Elizegi and his team will officially take over on Friday morning after their victory in Thursday’s Presidential election.

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