Josu Urrutia “I Only Ask That My Successor Defends The Interests Of Athletic Above All Else”

Josu Urrutia


Josu Urrutia is living his final hours in charge of Ibaigane. The former player who has served as President since 2011 led the club to some of the best moments in history and always worked to protect Athletic’s unique identity. On Thursday he waited in line for his turn to vote for the next President and afterwards spoke with AthleticTV. He encouraged Socios to get out and vote, while also making one request to whoever wins the election.

“I would ask the Socios to participate and decide in freedom; to welcome this day as a party. I usually don’t like to give advice, but whoever is my successor I will only ask him to defend the interests of Athletic above all else. There will be good and bad moments, that is just a natural thing, but we must always have a clear understanding of who we are. You won’t be able to get every decision right, but you must try your best and we can live in good times.”

The polls will officially close at 9:00pm although all those who are still in line at that time will be allowed to cast their vote. So far surveys are showing that it will be a tight finish with Alberto Uribe-Echevarría and Aitor Elizegi both having a serious chance of winning the Presidency of Athletic Club.

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