Aritz Aduriz Isn’t Concerned About His Contract Renewal With Athletic Club

Aritz Aduriz Valladolid

Aritz Aduriz isn’t thinking about his future right now (LaLiga)

Aritz Aduriz will turn 38 years old in February but is still playing football at a high level. The striker is arguably the most important player for Athletic once again this season, having scored 6 goals, and is only focused on helping the team. After Saturday’s match against Real Valladolid he told AthleticTV that wants to try to give back to the club that has given him everything.

“What I want is to give back a little bit of everything that Athletic has given me because it is impossible to return even one thousandth of everything the club has given me. I try to contribute in every way possible. That’s what I’m going to do until the last day I’m here.”

Aduriz then admitted that he has yet to discuss his contract with Athletic, but says that he isn’t worried about it one bit. His current deal is set to expire at the end of the season and right now he’s only focused on helping the team move clear of the relegation zone.

“There are two parties involved and we will always make the decision that is best for the club and at the necessary time. The truth is that right now I have zero worry about it because I’m very focused on trying to help the team move forward. We haven’t discussed it yet but it’s something that doesn’t bother me at all. There are many other priorities before we talk about that.”

Aritz Aduriz Celebrate

Aduriz has scored 171 goals for Athletic Club (AC)

When asked about the possibility of Fernando Llorente returning to the club, Aduriz said that the club must always be looking to bring in the best players who can help the team. The striker is also optimistic about how the team has performed so far under new manager Gaizka Garitano.

“Nothing surprises me in football. Athletic must always be improving and any player who can play for Athletic and improve the team, the club must be ready for it. We have noticed improvement in certain aspects. I believe in Garitano blindly and so does the rest of the group. We believe in his capacity and we are very convinced by what he does.”

Aritz Aduriz has signed one year extensions for the last few seasons and holds his own future in his hands. If the 37-year-old decides that he wants to play another year the club is ready to offer him another renewal. For now the focus is on improving Athletic’s place in the La Liga table and Aduriz isn’t thinking about his future at the moment.

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