Iñaki Williams On The Possibility Of Fernando Llorente Returning “All Good Players Are Welcome To Join The Team”

Inaki Williams Cristian Ganea Ander Capa Suit

Iñaki Williams is open to the idea of Fernando Llorente returning to Athletic (AS)

Lander Urquijo is the new suit supplier for Athletic Club. The Lions will now be wearing the designer’s modern concept on their road trips this season, starting with Monday’s visit to Mendizorrotza, and Iñaki Williams, Christian Ganea, and Ander Capa went to model the new suits on Thursday.

“I think the suit is perfect”, Iñaki said when asked his opinion on the design. “Hopefully it will be lucky for us while traveling and hopefully we will be able to start adding more points. We are hoping to add them three by three.”

The 24-year-old was also asked about his thoughts on the possibility of Fernando Llorente returning to Athletic in the January transfer window, but was unwilling to discuss whether or not it would be the right move for the club. “I’m not the one to say, you’ll have to ask others. All good players are welcome to join the team. Right now we are focused on winning the match on Monday.”

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