Rafa Alkorta Among The Possible Candidates To Replace Sporting Director José María Amorrortu

Jose Maria Amorrortu Gaizka Garitano

Sporting Director José María Amorrortu and manager Gaizka Garitano at Lezama (AS)

As the Athletic Club Presidential race continues there are several topics that Socios will be analyzing very closely. So far both candidates have been open about their thoughts on Lezama, the Grada de Animación, and other things, but there is one issue that has yet to be addressed. On 30 June 2019 José María Amorrortu will be retiring and the club will need a new Sporting Director.

Even though both candidates have been asked about the soon-to-be open position neither have given any direct answer. This could surely change over the upcoming weeks as the election draws near, but fans are already very concerned over who will be replacing Amorrortu this summer. Despite the secrecy there are already a few potential options to become the next Sporting Director of Athletic.

According to a report from Javier Beltran of AS there are five names on a shortlist to replace Amorrortu. Former defender Rafael Alkorta has been talked about a lot over the past few weeks and has seemed more visible and vocal about the club. Aitor Elizegi has already admitted that the two have a great relationship and that he could be an option. Meanwhile, José Manuel Sevillano who is Amorrortu’s assistant, Ander Garitano from Ebro, Fernando Quintanilla Txirri who is a scout for Real Sociedad, and Mikel González who is currently with Alavés are also listed as candidates.

There really is no way of knowing which of these candidates, if any, have the best chance of becoming Athletic’s next Sporting Director. Amorrortu will remain in his post until his contract ends on 30 June and that is when a change will be made. Until then, both Presidential candidates will surely continue to be asked about the upcoming vacancy while Socios and fans watch with anticipation and eagerness.

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