Alberto Uribe-Echevarría Claims His Board Will Have €300 Million Available To Use That Aitor Elizegi Will Not

Alberto Uribe-Echevarría

Uribe-Echevarría defends Athletic’s financial security (AS)

There is no denying the amazing work that Alberto Uribe-Echevarría did while serving as Athletic’s accountant since 2011. The Presidential candidate led the club to the most secure financial standing in history and is now running his campaign with the same focus. He’s painted himself as the candidate for continued stability while opponent Aitor Elizegi is seen as the face of change.

Despite coming out of the previous Board of Directors, Uribe-Echevarría has made it clear that he is no Josu Urrutia. He has different ideas and a different vision, although he will be able to benefit from his situation. In an interview with TeleBilbao on Tuesday night he explained that his team would have €300 million available due to Spanish law.

“Everything has to do with the Sporting Law of 1990 that forces you to respond with your own assets to debts that are incurred during your leadership. When your Board enters Ibaigane you take a ‘picture’ of the club’s financial assets and another when you leave. If you leave with a lower standing you are responsible for the difference from your own pocket. We are a a directive that started 2011 with negative €4 million and on 27 December we will have more than €300 million.”

Uribe-Exhevarría would go on to explain that Aitor Elezegi would not be able to use the €300 million surplus unless he is able to leave the club with even more whenever a new President eventually takes over. He said that it isn’t because of anything that the previous Board set up, but because of the Spanish law in place.

“We can spend those €300 million without a conflict of interest between putting it in our pocket or having to sell a player or miss out on a signing. We have that advantage while any other candidacy, upon leaving, would have to leave the club with more than €300 million. Athletic would have fewer resources because of the law. It’s not our matter because it depends on the state-wide law of the Spanish government.”

Every Socio has their own specific issues that will affect how they will vote on 27 December. Building on the club’s financial strength will certainly be a major point of interest, but not the only priority. Athletic will have a new President in just a few weeks and one of Alberto Uribe-Echevarría or Aitor Elizegi will determine the direction of the club’s future.

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