Alberto Uribe-Echevarría Announces The Specific Roles For The Members Of His Board Of Directors

Alberto Uribe Echevarria

Alberto Uribe-Echevarría and his team at Ibaigane

Alberto Uribe-Echevarría visited Ibaigane on Friday to submit over 3,300 signatures of support from Socios which was needed to formalize his candidacy. Afterwards he spoke with reporters and revealed some of the specific roles that have been decided for his Board of Directors. He announced that he will have two Vice Presidents, trusting Javier Aldazabal and Silvia Muriel with important responsibilities.

“I have a magnificent candidacy and I am proud. My team has many characteristics that I wanted to have with me and I’m sure it is a magnificent team for Athletic. Javier Aldazabal and Silvia Muriel will serve as Vice Presidents. The question of having two Vice Presidents is something new. I though it was important to do so. They are two people who have my confidence and have gone through the last seven and a half years with Athletic and with me. It seemed to me that they had to be here. The Secretary will be Mario Fernandez, a lawyer with a lot of experience managing boards of administration and with much prestige. Joserra Garai with be the Deputy Secretary.”

The former club accountant went on to revealed that Izaskun Larrieta and Carlos Ortiz Robles have also joined his team and will serve as the new Accountant and Treasurer. Uribe-Echevarría remains confident in the club’s financial strength and trusts that these two will help him maintain economic stability.

“The Accountant is Izaskun Larrieta, who was the treasurer of the previous Board of Directors. He has very great experience and knowledge of Athletic’s finances and economic situation. The Treasurer is Carlos Ortiz Robles, who recently retired and the CFO of Athletic. I have no doubt about the financial future of Athletic. Economically the club is solid I think that’s an important message. While there is talk of the economic situation the club has a strong profile that is very solid and powerful. That is important to us. I’m sure they will help me a lot in this task.”

Uribe-Echevarría’s team has now grown from 14 members to 17 with the additions of José Ramón Garai, Unai Arzubiaga, and Carlos Ortiz Robles. The Presidential candidate has yet to reveal what other roles will be assigned within his team and fans are already curious as to who he will look to make the club’s Sporting Director when José María Amorrortu retires in June.

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